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Sunday, 25 November 2007
I arrived yesterday from Sao Paulo, Brasil. I was invited to preform at a ceremony of the Personality of The Year Award that was delivered to Vasco de Mello, the Brisa's Administration Counsil President. In this event, besides hundreds of portuguese and brasilian entrepeneurs, there was also the portuguese Public Works Minister.I had once again as my guest Zé Renato, a wonderful brasilian artist. Toghether we sang Incerteza, a fado of mine, Pois é, from the brasilian repertoire, Foi Deus, from Amalia Rodrigues, and Saudades do Brasil em Portugal, from the magnificent VInicius de Morais. Of course the rest of the concert was with my repertoire.

It was a brief stay in the Brasilian land and now I am preparing for the next concert.

It will be next wednesday, 28th November, in Coimbra, in the beautiful Convento de São Francisco, Santa Clara. Here I return to public concerts. The concert is organized by he Tourism of Coimbra and it will open the cicle of Christmas concerts promoted by the Coimbra's municipal council.The tickets are available in tourism offices at the Uiniversity, Casa Municipal da Cultura, Edifício Chiado and Casa Aninhas.

I hope to see you there.

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tomorrow I will offer a concert to the "Ojos del Mundo" Foundation which target is to collect funds for them to be able to continue their work on the field helping people with no financial resources with treatable sight diseases.

This Foundation has no lucrative motive and, as far as I no, has been performing a remarkable job in this field.

I'll be there tomorrow in Centro Cultural de  Belem singing in this event promoted by them.

In this world where it is hard to survive we have to join those who still have the ability of helping others and of promoting health and well.being to the ones who need most. It is so easy.

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Monday, 12 November 2007
The past week was gratifier.

I started by meeting, in a college in Lisbon, with children between 5 and 7 years old to talk with them about Fado and show them how we sing this music. How interesting it was to understand that, talking in their own language and singing what they can understand in their ages, something that might sound strange for a child transforms itself into a discovery.

The attention was immense. They asked many questions about me, my carrier, but the target of their curiosity was the portuguese guitar. And that was in fact what  made me listen to fado when I was that young. In fact that peculiar sound of the portuguese guitar used to trigger my attention and make me stop doing anything I was doing.

Have I conquered new fado lovers?... I hope so.

It served at least to those girls and boys never think that fado is for old people.

Then it was the wonderful experience I had in a private event that took place in the beautiful Palácio da Bolsa, in Oporto. I was challenged by the producer of the event to make something different. Invade a space where the Gregorian Choir INTROITUS was already set and join them to sing a popular theme. It was unique. The curious thing is that we had only 5 minutes to rehearse and it seemed like we were used to share music with each other.

To end this week I had a trip to Padova, in Italy. I was invited for the second time by the extraordinary Maestro Claudio Scimone, honorary maestro of the Gulbenkian Orchestra, to participate in a music cycle named "I SOLISTI VENETI", which is the season of the Orchestra with the same name and that it was founded by the Maestro in 1959 in that city. Well the program is usually only of classical compositions and the concerts are invariably  in sundays at 11 a.m..It was like this two years ago when I went there for a concert at the Noble Saloon of Padova's University. At that time I was surprised with the adhesion to concerts in the morning, and the hall was full of people (250 people).

This time there was only one difference: the hall. This concert was in the Conservatory's auditorium. 750 people came to the show at the same hour.

I must confess that at a first sight it is hard to imagine myself in a stage so early in the morning, but in fact it is quite the same thing. The receptivity of the public is extraordinary, and what helped me to brake the morning barrier was the fact that at the end of the first fado I was applauded as if it was the last music I was singing, as if that public new me very well and new what I was able to do afterwards.

As there was no flight back home, we did the same as two years ago: we had lunch with the Maestro, and we ran to visit the city of all the passion, Venice, that was absolutely dazzling.

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